January, 2017: San Francisco Classical Voice: Local Composers Caught in the Act at West Edge Opera's Snapshot

The four operas featured on Program One had such vastly different subjects -- ranging from the biblical to the technological -- it's difficult to imagine anyone coming out of the January 22 performance without having enjoyed at least one of the works.

January, 2017: Repeat Performances: West Edge Opera launches its new "Snapshot" series

Snapshot should be applauded for its wide-ranging and inventive material, both in words and music. That it is also beautifully presented and performed seems the frosting on a divinely delicious cake. It's also fun.  

January, 2017: San Francisco Classical Voice: Snapshot takes West Edge Opera into new territory

This year, Streshinsky went east with board member Brian Rosen and something new to show off: West Edge Opera’s inaugural Snapshot festival — brainchild of Streshinsky, Rosen, and artistic director Jonathan Khuner — which will showcase selections from eight selected new operatic works.

August, 2016: SF Chronicle: West Edge’s ‘Powder’ is a brash erotic adventure

If this is what can be done in the arena of new music — this degree of vocal and theatrical magnificence, this level of fearlessness and artistic imagination — then why on Earth should we ever have to settle for less?

July, 2016: SF Chronicle: This Oakland opera company has an edge

In just the past few years, this enterprising East Bay company — which began life as the Berkeley Opera but has seen a flowering with its new name, mission and leadership — has become one of the region’s most exciting cultural touchstones. Operating on a shoestring budget and a seemingly boundless font of energy, West Edge offers a blend of new and recent work, early music and pieces from the standard repertoire done in innovative ways.

October, 2015: Opera News: Review of Lulu in Oakland

"Even for West Edge Opera, the peripatetic, risk-taking troupe that is known for producing intriguing repertory on a limited budget in various Berkeley and Oakland locals, the choice seemed a bit overly ambitious, if not foolhardy. Yet with an outstanding cast of committed singing actors, twenty instrumentalists, and a production team that explored the opera's gritty realism within the stylized trappings of 1920s German cinema, this Lulu unexpectedly came to life and scored a magnificent success."

July, 2015: SF Gate: Review: West Edge makes a brillian case for 'Lulu'

"West Edge Opera has proved itself bold and resourceful, and the “Lulu” that opened the company’s summer festival season Saturday night at the abandoned train station in West Oakland is a powerfully impressive undertaking from top to bottom — fearless in its dramatic imagination, arresting in its musical particulars."

March 29, 2015:  San Jose Mercury News:  Review: West Edge Opera thrills with 'Poliuto'

"If the purpose of West Edge Opera's Opera Medium Rare series is to introduce audiences to seldom-performed works, then Saturday afternoon's performance of "Poliuto" was an unqualified success.

"And if the point was to give the audience a thrilling time at the opera -- well, mission accomplished there, too."

March 19, 2015: Contra Costa Times:  West Edge Opera dusts off Donizetti's rarely heard 'Poliuto'

"Creativity and resourcefulness continue to run high on the Bay Area's vibrant classical music scene. A prime example is the modestly financed East Bay-based West Edge Opera. "

West Edge festival in Kosman's Top Ten for 2014

"West Edge Opera: (July 26-Aug. 10) Homelessness was a boon for this endlessly inventive company, which washed up in an unpromising lobby space in Berkeley and transformed it with wit and imagination into the venue for a brilliant triple play of operas by Puccini, Philip Glass and Jake Heggie."

-Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle

Invigorating is not an adjective you would normally associate with Puccini’s tragic tale of love and death in a Parisian garret. But at the Saturday night opening of Mark Streshinsky’s production of La bohème for West Edge Opera, the erosion of boundaries between singers and audience left attendees beaming.

  -Jason Victor Serinus, San Francisco Classical Voice