The Bridge Yard

Judge John Sutter Regional Shoreline
an East Bay Regional Park District Facility,

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A venue worthy of West Edge

This historical building is the anchor for what will be a new park stretching out into the water and forming the base of the hike and bike trail that is on the side of the new bridge.The Bridge Yard is a 24,000 square foot, 1930s era industrial building built in 1938 as a repair facility for rail cars that once traveled over the Bay Bridge. With renovations completed in January 2017, the Bridge Yard Seismic and Renovation Project has created a dramatic, seismically sound public event space preserving the building’s original finishes and characteristic 1930s craftsmanship.

Click here for more about the history of the Key System, the rail cars that crossed the Bay Bridge every day.

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The Bridge Yard
210 Burma Road
Oakland, CA 94607