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Music by Nicolás Lell Benavides

Libretto by Marella Martin Koch

Dolores Huerta is a legend in the fight for farm workers’ rights.

In June of 1968, the movement lost a major ally and Dolores lost a friend when Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated. The opera focuses on Dolores’ struggles, triumphs, and tragedies during some

of the most iconic and charged weeks of American history.

Dolores is the first commission to come out of our project Aperture. Created during the height of COVID, Aperture members watched the development of Dolores online 2020-2021. We now invite you to an hour-long program featuring excerpts from the opera, in person.

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photo credit: Harvey Richards Media Archive


Nicolás Lell Benavides


Martin Koch


Mary Chun

Music Director

Kelly Guerra-web.jpg

Kelly Guerra

Dolores Huerta

David Castillo

Larry Itliong

Jesús Vicente Murillo

César Chávez

Alex Boyer-web.jpg
Samuel Faustine-web.jpg
Sergio Gonzalez-web.jpg

Alex Boyer

Robert F. Kennedy

Samuel Faustine

Tricky Dick

Chelsea Hollow

Ethel Kennedy

Sergio Gonzalez

Juan Romero

Dolores is Commissioned by West Edge Opera with co-commissioners: Opera Southwest in Albuquerque; The Broad Stage in Santa Monica; and San Diego Opera.
It will have a rolling premiere in 2024/25.

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