A Lulu of a Fund-raiser!


Emma McNairy, Lulu herself, is flying in from Germany to celebrate her birthday and participate in our event!

"I'm coming last-minute back to the Bay Area in celebration of my birthday and of course because I couldn't bear not to be part of a Lulu discussion from the production that changed my career and my life!" 

- Emma McNairy


Piedmont Center for the Arts
Saturday, April 21
3:30 pm

Entrance to the event is $50

Enjoy Hors d‘oeuvres and a glass of wine (or two!)

Meet members of the cast of our ground-breaking production of Alban Berg’s Lulu, who will perform various operatic pieces and be there to share stories about their experience in Lulu.

Soprano: Emma McNairy was Lulu
Tenor: Joseph Meyers was The Prince, the Servant and The Marquis
Tenor: Alex Boyer was Alwa
Mezzo: Buffy Baggott was Countess Geschwitz
Bass-baritone: Bojan Knezevic was Schigolch

At the piano: Who else? Jonathan Khuner, the conductor of the production

You can also purchase tickets by calling 510-841-1903.

Will they sing something from Lulu?

You never know, Lulu is really hard and it was performed back in 2015. Still, we think you will like the pieces they choose to sing for you!

*Profits support our summer festival.