Mata Hari

Photo credit: Paula Court

Photo credit: Paula Court

August 5, 10, 18

Mata Hari, the archetypal “Femme Fatale” and historic exotic dancer, courtesan, and spy, who was executed for espionage during World War I.

It premiered at New York’s Prototype Festival in January of 2017.  This production retains many elements of the original production, including actress Tina Mitchell in the title role and librettist Paul Peers directing. Bay Area conductor Emily Senturia, after her conducting debuts at both Houston Grand Opera and Washington National Opera, leads a combination of instruments that includes accordion and electric guitar.

Tina Mitchell.jpg

Tina Mitchell

Mata Hari

Molly Mahoney.jpg

Molly Mahoney

Sister Leonide

Jean-Paul Jones.jpg

Jean-Paul Jones


Michael Grammer.jpeg

Michael Grammer


Daniel Yoder.JPG

Daniel Yoder

Von Kalle

Daniel Cilli.jpg

Daniel Cilli

Captain Ladoux


Nikolas Nackley

Captain Bouchardon

Music Director/Conductor: Emily Senturia

Composer: Matt Marks

Stage Director/Librettist: Paul Peers

Scenic Designer: Neal Wilkinson