We're excited to introduce our new venue for the West Edge Festival 2017: Pacific Pipe Oakland, the abandoned warehouse near 1908 Poplar St. in West Oakland.

Please click here to read the press release announcing the new space. Images are available to download below.

Contact kate@westedgeopera.org with any questions.



Pacific Pipe Company was founded in 1906 and operated firms in San Francisco and Los Angeles before building the Oakland warehouse between 1920 and 1925. Pacific Pipe Oakland quickly became the company's largest outfit, and for decades boasted itself as the "largest reconditioning pipe plant on the pacific coast." An Oakland Tribune article from 1930 even claimed it turned out over a million feet of pipe each year!

By the mid-1930s the company also became a distributor of new pipe to complement its refurbished pipe work. Pacific Pipe Oakland continued to grow during WWII after adding “fabrication of piping components and steel plate work for the booming shipping industry of the San Francisco Bay.”

In its multi-decade history Pacific Pipe Company (including the Oakland warehouse) made substantial contributions to structures still in place today, including sections of the Alaska Pipeline, the bent piping and tubing in the San Francisco Museum of modern art's skylight and catwalk, and sections of Oakland's Jack London Square Amtrak Station.