The Craneway Conference Center


Located at 1414 Harbour Way South, in the Richmond Marina, The Craneway Conference Center sits on the waterfront near Point Richmond and is adjacent to the better known Craneway Pavilion.

The Craneway Pavilion was a Ford Motor Assembly plant designed by legendary industrial architect, Albert Kahn. Built in 1930 at the beginning of the Great Depression, the plant was credited with bringing prosperity to the area. When World War II began it was quickly transformed to assemble tanks and other war vehicles. In the 1990s it was rehabilitated and now houses several businesses as well as the Pavilion, The Rosie The Riveter Museum and a popular restaurant fittingly called “Assemble.” In the Conference Center, there is space for indoor picnicking by windows that provide a sweeping view of the harbor and bay, plenty of secure parking, and for the first time in four years for a West Edge venue, indoor bathrooms. For more information: .