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Saturday, March 2nd, 7 PM
Hillside Club in Berkeley

Sunday, March 3rd, 3 PM

Taube Atrium Theater

in San Francisco

"Once again West Edge’s Snapshot proved that you never know to what heights or depths new operas might take you."

-Steve Winn, SFCV

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Justin Ralls.jpg

Nu Nah-Hup reimagines the extraordinary Agai-Dika/Lemhi-Shoshone woman who was a crucial member of the historic 1804-1806 Lewis and Clark Expedition, from her Agai-Dika Indigenous perspective and oral history of her familial descendants.

Hovia Edwards, Composer 

Justin Ralls, Composer

Rose Ann Abrahamson, Librettist,

Sacajawea’s great-great-grand-niece


Unearthed by Linnard's son, the celebrated bay area actor Dean Linnard, this piece is the first documented musical work about the AIDS crisis - written here in San Francisco. Least of My Children explores a catholic family's confrontation with a new disease in 1989, and the miracle of  'Our Lady of Guadalupe' in 1531.

Loren Linnard,  Composer

Donald Briggs,  Librettist  

Kennedy Verrett.jpg
George Kopp.jpg

Madame Theremin, an opera based on the true story of Black ballet dancer Lavinia Williams, who was married to the Russian electronic music pioneer Leon Theremin. In their excerpt, Lavinia and historic Black activist Noble Washington have attempted a night on the town but strange things keep happening.

Kennedy Verrett, Composer  George Kopp, Librettist 

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Tony Asaro.jpg

Michigan, 1907: well-heeled health nuts flocked to John Harvey Kellogg’s elite health spa, the Battle Creek Sanitarium, to take “the cure.” Based on T. C. Boyle's novel, The Road to Wellville follows a Dickensian cast of characters in pursuit of the magic pill of longevity—and the profit to be had from manufacturing it.

Matt Boehler,  Composer

Tony Asaro,  Librettist  

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