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March 18th, 7 PM
At the Hillside Club in Berkeley

"expressive, insinuating, full of enigmatic fervor... Each excerpt includes passages that make one intrigued to hear the work at fuller length"

-Joshua Kosman, SF Chronicle

March 19th, 3 PM

The Taube Atrium Theater in San Francisco

"Somehow, some way, one or more of these works may make it to a full production — at West Edge or somewhere else."


-Steven Winn, SFCV


Three different places, three different times: Ying Ying Chang reads Hansel and Gretel to her young daughter Iris, while the older Iris, now a journalist, learns of the horrors of the Rape of Nanking, and the old Japanese soldier Shiro Azuma recalls his own part in that tragedy.

Shuying Li, Composer 

Julian Crouch, Librettist 

Luna Pearl Woolf.jpg

A complex relationship develops between the mother of a kidnapped journalist and her son’s young minder, who, after the son’s death in captivity, connects with the mother and is lured into federal custody in the West.


Luna Pearl Woolf,  Composer

Andrea Michelle Stolowitz,  Librettist  


Set in a post-tech San Francisco, Cal and Gal develop avatars Kal and Qal to explore Port City: where neurological systems are turned into memory maps.

Byron Au Yong, Composer  Christopher Chen, Librettist 

Beth Ratay.jpg

Tonight, the musicians of the Morpheus Quartet are perfectly in sync – in their dreams! – as the verbal counterpoint of their subconscious desires yields a surprising kind of bed-chamber music.

Beth Ratay,  Composer

John Glore,  Librettist  


1939. Surrealist Claude Cahun, who has just moved into a new home on the Isle of Jersey—in retreat from the rise of Fascism—writes a letter to André Breton. As Claude’s partner Marcel joins in Claude’s reflections, Charlotte, their young local housekeeper, unwittingly intervenes.

Matthew Recio,  Composer

Stephanie Fleischmann,  Librettist  

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