Snapshot 2022

"expressive, insinuating, full of enigmatic fervor... Each excerpt includes passages that make one intrigued to hear the work at fuller length"

-Joshua Kosman, SF Chronicle

"Somehow, some way, one or more of these works may make it to a full production — at West Edge or somewhere else.

-Steven Winn, SFCV


Jean Ahn

Composer & Librettist 

A Korean boy has lost his mother and sister in the Korean war. Bewildered, he cries and reminisces.


Gabrielle Rosse  

Composer & Librettist 

Exploring the margins of love is Cristina Doesn’t Need Saving  by composer/librettist Gabrielle Rosse. A 15-year-old girl, estranged from her home, seeks love and community in an uncertain environment of drugs and predation.

Cesar Cancino-color.jpg

The Dark Horse - a music-theatrical treatment of Enzo Ferrari’s rise to success - by composer Cesar Cancino and librettist Scott DeTurk, both Bay Area artists. 

Cesar Cancino,  Composer

Scott DeTurk,  Librettist  

Michael Kaulkin.jpeg

Michael Kaulkin 

Composer & Librettist 

Lilith by Oakland based composer/librettist Michael Kaulkin is a setting of J.R. Salamanca’s 1961 novel about a recovering WW2 vet who interacts tragically with a primordially seductive patient at a mental institution.

Ryan Suleiman.jpeg

The School for Girls who Lost Everything in the Fire by composer Ryan Suleiman and librettist Cristina Friès, is about three homeless girls held hostage after a terrible fire. From this surreal coming-of age-story, amid fear of the unknown adult world, Suleiman and Fríes share an excerpt from the complete opera which in development in our Aperture program. Suleiman and Fríes participated in SNAPSHOT 2019 with the lauded Moon, Bride, Dogs. 

Ryan Suleiman,  Composer & Cristina Friès,  Librettist  

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